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how to solo on bass in a given key

Chairag yadav
Posts: 33
10 years ago
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m nt that good in bass solos…..
Can anyone tell me how to solo on a give key
(dnt tell me to play the key's scale please,i expect a better answer)
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1008
the scale is a good start and sort of tells you what notes you should and which you shouldn't play in a solo. but just playing a scale over a chord progression is hardly a good solo.

you probably want to learn how to improvise bass solos? the easiest way is to learn as much solos as possible transpose them to different keys, take bits and pieces of other solos, add something of your own that you really like and before you know it you're improvising a cool bass solo.

another way is to actually try to sing or hum what you want your bass solo to be and then try to play it on the bass. do that long enough and you'll gain the ability to do this straight on the bass, without the intermediate hum.
actually i mean if there is a II V I chord progression in they key of C the chords would be Dm G C ….so how do we solo on chord changes?
Only arpeggios and scales are used?
Can't we use anything else?

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