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do you detune your bass before keeping it back in case?

thank you guys but in my personal experience you should detune the bass a bit..not completely slacking the strings but yes relieving the tension…i have a yamaha rbx 170 which a rosewood fretboard and as i do slapping and tapping action is really important for me….infact action of my bass determines my tone of slap and strings with high action cannot be tapped easily…..and i've 2 basses in school,one which is played regularly other is taken out very less…..both have the same action-high….they are horrific! It is almost impossible to slap or tap on them….I fear that my bass would meet the same fate so i relieve a bit of tension in the strings but i don't slack them….
and i forgot to mention that the school's basses are never kept untuned…..i think due to this tension the action is raised
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In tune.

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