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5 String Bass

I am fairly new to playing bass and i just picked up a 5 string bass. Thoughts or opinions on the “Five Banger”?
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their sweet, I have a ESP-LTD B-55 and I love it! the down side is it takes a little time to get used to. How ever I'm thinking about removing the B string because you hardly ever use it. So I'll take off the B string and add the high C it will go as follow(E,A,D,G,C)IT SOUNDS LOVELY. Besides I don't like 6 string basses.
johnny [staff]
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scooga did you have to change the nut to do this? this sounds really cool.
I have a ESP-LTD B-55 too!! I love it! I think it sounds really good, and it's one of the most comfortable 5 strings I've ever played. I was close-minded about the 5 for a while, then I started to get into Lacuna Coil more and more so I decided to buy one. It's really fun I gotta tell you. There's several genres that use five string too, not just metal. I would recommend buying one to anyone. The B-55 is too good of a deal to pass up. Great quality entry level bass!
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I have Yamaha

BB1025X 5 String and as I am fairly new to the bass I find not to be hampered by muscle memory issue yet.
I switch back and forth from 4 to 5 and when 1st playing it; it takes me a bit to ignore the B string if not needed. Otherwise it sounds and plays great. really happy with it.
I started hunting for tabs for 5 string. its fun and cant beat the low end. I had to reseal the windows after I play that string tho…
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@Johnny I haven't tried it yet it shouldn't matter the C string is just a tad bit smaller than then the G string, and G string sits really tight in the nut so it should work fine. I have try it first.
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@Melvin you are so right it is very lite which is good for me because I play just below the chest. I play a lot of funk and sometimes the B string can get in the way when I slap so I've decided to share the love and picked up 1 of my 4string and funk out!!!
Ive been a drummer for most of my life and now I find myself playing the bass guitar. My first bass is a peavy 5 string and I have an acoustic electric bass a four string. Im finding that the 5 string is a bit strange for me as the neck is so much wider than the four. Not sure if I should hang up the five and concentrate of the four to get my hands in shape or deal with the five. Any advice for a newbi on bass?
dang thats a crapy photo
thats better
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@Dusty:you look for a bass that fills good in your hand. Me my self I prefer a narrow neck rather it be 4 or 5. Now I love fender but the neck is to wide for me I find myself playing under the neck then on it. I tried the LTD B55 and neck felt like a Fenda Strat it was a done deal from their on!!!!!!!!!

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