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Music Theory

johnny [staff]
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Hey guys!

Just wondering, how do you guys feel about music theory and how many of you have learnt it (either formal education or self-taught)?

I'm a music theory geek, I really love it, for me it's like mathematics but with music notes instead of numbers.

There's lots of good resources online to learn music theory.

I think that learning about music theory has not only improved my playing of music but also changed the way I listen to music. What do you guys think?
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I think it would be to have theory related topics on the side theirs a lot there I need to learn. I would like to see the arpeggios for all chords major and minor for that is what teaching my self.
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An introduction to music theory is invaluable to figuring out new songs, writing good songs, and playing well. Without it, a bass player is limited to playing a sequence of memorized notes. With it, improvisation and soloing that sounds good becomes possible.
true that
i agree it changed how i play a bit

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