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11 years ago
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hey new to playing bass, i was just wondering if it matters if i use a pick to play bass? or should i just learn to use my fingers??
johnny [staff]
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Hey! Start with what's easier and feels more natural to you.

In the end you'll want to be proficient with both, because it sounds and plays different and it really doesn't hurt to be versatile.
thanks!! really helpful
I usually use a pick to learn a song, then go back with my fingers.
fingers if you wanna PLAY bass, use a pick if you want to play bass guitar.
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It can depend on the bass you have and the bass player who you want to emulate. For example, if you play a Hofner and play a lot of Beatles songs, you would use a pick like Paul McC.
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I personaly started with fingers, THEN went to pick. It also helps to learn to slap fluently too. But what really matters is the genre of music you want to play, like look at some players you admire and use them as a role model of how you want to play, overtime you'll get your own sense of style and sound though.
whatever you want dude the bass is a versatile instrument i switch between them both myself
Just a hint kingmedicine, it doesn't help someone all that much if you reply 3 months after they started the thread.
johnny [staff]
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might help someone else though
is it true if you learn to play siting thats the way you want to play on stage

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