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Acoustic bass thoughts

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Forgive me if this topic has been covered but I could not find it.

The ones I have heard/tried seem quiet and not as punchy when playing in an all acoustic setting. So it seems to me anyway; that without the mic or amp its not effective?

Anyone have an acoustic bass and if so what are your thoughts. Are they really worth it?
johnny [staff]
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I haven't tried one yet, but they sure look cool.
I have one and it is useful for practising but I use my electric for shows/performances
Posts: 36
So Elvis then you are saying same thing… not great for anything practical like even playing with other acoustic guitars? Seems very quiet from what I have seen; gets drowned out by the guitars even around the campfire settings…jmho
Ell todo
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I have a Toccoma thunder chief, and a Vietnamese copy of one, they are both awesome for practicing you technique improves in leaps and intervals! haha sorry I thought that was funny. But be warned you are going to have to part with some real coin to get a good bass. My first acoustic was a fender but it wasn't up to much compared to the thunder chief. As for playing with other folk? I think you will need an amp. Or perch yourself in a favorable corner. I'd love to play mine in a cathedral that would be fun!
The Ibanez i have is very loud when i use a stiff felt pick. I also use Fender 105 flatwounds.

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I have a small Rogue acoustic bass. It only cost around $200.00 and I mostly use it as my camp bass (no elecricity) and for practicing. It is easy to take places where an amplifier and cords would be impractical. This allows me to get in more practice time.
I have two, a Washburn AB20 and a Luna Muse.
With a bunch of 6 string acoustics playing you will be way in the background unless you amp.
Strings or using a pick can make a dif but you can use a tiny bass combo amp and not break the unplugged rules bit too much.I use the Rotosound nexus black polymer coated strings on my Luna and they seem to stand out.
i have an Ibanez ABE10 and I play in an acoustic only band. I love it because when your sitting around the kitchen table I dont have to plug in. When we play out its usually a small Cafe style gig so I then plug into my Ampeg BA108.

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