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Tears For Fears - The Hurting

bass freak
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As far as I can tell there is no bass to Ideas As Opiates. One less bass tab to worry about then!
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Talking of The Hurting album, it's being released again in October as a 2CD set & deluxe 4 disc (3CD +1DVD) to celebrate it's 30th anniversary! Wow, where has the time gone!
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I'll be getting that 4 disc deluxe set!
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Nice topic, Sowing the seeds of love would be cool
The Hurting 30 year reissue is on my want list for later this year
Sowing the Seeds of Love would be a very cool tab to have.
bass freak
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I hear the album is coming out on bluray audio? Another new format for us all to consider!
The album has come out as a high fidelity pure audio disc. Here is the official description:
“High Fidelity Pure Audio edition of the Tears for Fears album The Hurting. High Fidelity Pure Audio is a range of physical HD audio products from Universal Music Group which uses Blu-ray technology to deliver the ultimate listening experience to the user. High Fidelity Pure Audio discs are playable through all Blu-ray devices”
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But is this new format any good?
bass freak
Posts: 320
I was wondering that myself softcell62. It's just another way to sell the album. Will this format really make the music sound any better than it already does?
As the album was recorded over 30 years ago I can't see how they could improve the sound that much. I would have thought a blu-ray type format would show up more imperfections in the recording. I'm only guessing of course but I would want to hear an example rather than buy it & not be impressed.

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