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Approval Delay ?!?!?!

Sam Rain
Posts: 9
2 months ago
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I notice there's a thread about delays in approval of tab submissions - and it's 10 YEARS OLD!
Seriously? Have no tabs even been approved since then? Seems like this place has been abandoned long ago but nobody wants to admit it. Did the owner die and take this place with him? Or, can he not delegate ANY power at all, to allow others to approve tabs? If you cannot continue to support a place like this, then you really need to think for the users and appoint someone to take over for you!

I really wanted to post my numerous transcriptions here, rather than that dreadful UG place. But it seems if I want them to be online before I'm deceased, I'm gonna have to give in and post them there. So sad. I really thought this was a good place for bass tabs. Apparently I was mistaken.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1013
Don't worry man, new tabs are approved all the time. Post them
Posts: 1
Well, since this thread is 2 weeks old and under his profile Sam has a pending review tab, I'm guessing “all the time” would be once every couple of months, right?

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