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Mick Karn [Japan] Very much missed!

OMG! 3 years! I really can't believe that, it seems like yesterday when I first heard about his passing.
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Even after 3 years it's still sad that Mick is no longer with us.
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I don't really know too much about Mick's work after Japan but I have his debut album Titles which is excellent.
Titles is an excellent album. It's the one solo album I play the most. Some of his solo material did get to weird for my taste.
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I agree, some of his later material is a challenge to listen to. Same goes for David Sylvian with his later works.
I mainly listen to Japan rather than his solo stuff. After the first 2 solo albums I tend to lose out on what he does.
I really miss Japan, they were so unique. Sadly there will never be a reunion due to Mick's passing but also David's lack of interest.
Japan are one of my top 5 80's bands. Such a unique sound & style. Mick's bass playing was so ahead of it's time. It's so sad he's no longer with us.
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Japan were just too cool for School
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Remembering Mick who passed 7 years ago today aged 52. Not a fan of Japan or his solo work but i did like and respect his style of playing and his sound. I always appreciate someone who is talented, especially a bass player. Another person who left planet earth way too soon!

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