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Text only ???

Sam Rain
Posts: 12
It seems to me that this site only has text-only tabs. Am I just not looking hard enough? Or is it true? I have been making my own bass tabs for many songs where I cannot find decent bass tabs and would like to find an online home for them to be shared. But they are all in guitar pro format. Is this NOT the place for such files?
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1014
Yeah, we kinda just use text. It's easier to see on mobile.

Can you export text files in guitar pro?
Sam Rain
Posts: 12
Thanks for the prompt reply.

Well, note lengths are harder to read at speed in text only and that's one reason I use Guitar Pro. I actually find it easier to see tab using GP on my mobile (tablet). I can even adjust the tab size and don't have to scroll both horizontally as well as vertically as with resized text.
But the answer is - YES, I can export text and in a format they most likely laid out to be easy(er) to read on a small screen. (It's only 3 bars wide, which is part of what bothers me with many text tabs.) I guess I'll have to decide whether that extra work is worth it for something I deem less than optimal… I would feel better if the GP files could be posted as well, for those who prefer using that. Even if they can't be displayed.
Yeah, I also use Guitar Pro because of this feature.
Are you still here?
Posts: 3
Hey there! It's totally understandable to wonder about the format limitations here. While it's true that this site primarily focuses on text-based tabs, there are plenty of users who share various file types, including Guitar Pro format. You might not see them immediately, but they do exist! Sharing your bass tabs, even in Guitar Pro format, could still find an audience here who would appreciate them. Feel free to share and contribute – this community is all about sharing musical knowledge and resources in whatever format works best for you!
Seems, he is not here.

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