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Siouxsie And The Banshees

bass freak
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I am Spellbound by their brilliance!
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I LOVE a little bit of Siouxsie every now and again
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I requested bass tabs for 4 songs & you have all 4 tabs pending, how cool is that!
bass freak
Posts: 320
I'm glad I was able to help but I think it was a happy coincidence. I hope you enjoy them.
I don't love everything they have done but they are a good band & Siouxsie is a sight to behold on stage!
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Love the Banshees, especially the very early stuff, Hong Kong Garden, Happy House etc. Siouxsie and Steve Severin were at the infamous Sex Pistols ‘Grundy’ interview
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I have a lot of respect for Siouxsie. I don't know a lot but what i've heard i've really liked.
Latex Sex
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Siouxsie is a freakin Goddess! Just love her music so much.
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I recently bought a used MXR Flanger (117r) on ebay because I have read that Steve Severin used one basically always, and my never-ending list of songs to learn includes a smattering of The Banshees (particularly songs from The Scream and Juju). Gearing up to get the same sound.

BTW, the used flanger had an issue (a ticking sound due to the clocking signal leaking into the audio path according to MXR). Even though it was a used pedal and no longer under warranty, MXR repaired the pedal for me - at no charge. Brilliant customer service! And now I have an effect pedal that I really like. Signal modulation (e.g chorus and flanger) is an effect I really like a lot!
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Would somebody post the tab of Hybrid of the album Kaleidoscope? Sounds like possibly alternating between C and D on G string (G5 and G7) with possibly an open D (D0) string combo.

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