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Anyone know how to get rid of bass fuzz?

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11 months ago
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Alright so anyone know how to get rid of bass fuzz on the 3rd E without taking it to a music store because I physically can't. I have no clue how to do it and it's making my bass sound real trashy. The frets around are fine even 3rd on the other strings it's just the 3rd E.

(I know most people know how to do it I just put up with it because I didn't have the money to risk breaking it lmao.)
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You need to get your bass set up properly. If you dont want to go to the shop and I dont blame you. Take the right fitting wrench and lower or higher the action on that string. On your bridge. Until it goes away. If that fails you may need the neck adjusted. I dont like to piss around with the truss rod. But I have found changing the action or even the strings solves the problem. Your action or string level should be set up as the E string is a little lower than the A and the A even with the D give or take and the G about the level as the E. Your bridge and strings should almost be set up if you look down the neck at the bridge from the top. The strings and bridge will be in a boomerang shape. E and G being the lowest strings. A and D a little higher up. Curved. You can lower or higher a string at that point. But stick with that shape. I like the action low. I am not a expert but it works for me. But thats up to you. Dont be afraid to adjust your bridge. This comes from a guitar tech not me that showed me how to do this. If that does not work. There is always a fix for any guitar. But you might need to take it in if that fails.

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Ah, thanks dude.

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