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How Good Is a Fender Squier Bronco Shortscale Bass?

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Hey so I'm a pretty mediocre player, but my hands are way too small for my longscale. Is that a decent bass or not as I've heard pretty mixed opinions about it. Anyone ever played one and is it good or not?
A Squier Bronco is perfect for a mediocre player. But your small hands might appreciate the short scale Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Short-Scale Bass. It has an even shorter scale length and is made to the same standards as the Squier.
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Ah, thanks.
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I have used a Squire Bronco bass as my number one for more than five years. I love the neck, I find it very easy to play because it works with a light touch. You don't need a vise grip to get clear tone. I find that at the end of a long gig, my left hand feels fine, not sore at all. Having said that, I made a lot of upgrades to the bass as it is a low cost entry model. I replaced the tuning machines (originals were stiff and cheap) I replaced the single pick up (sound was too muddy for me) with a set of dimarzio P-bass pick ups. I also replaced the bridge and had a custom pick guard made for it to improve aesthetics. I bought the bass used for $120 Cdn, I probably have close to $500 total invested, so I'll never get my money out of it, but I have no plans to part with this instrument. I bought it as a back up for my Fender Mustang, but I like the Bronco better.
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I have all Fenders. One Rickenbacker a Schecter and a Squire fretless Precision. The Squire is light and the sound kicks ass. The neck is amazing the workmanship and finish as well. Dont underestimate Squire guitars. You just need to find the right one. I would not replace anything on this bass except the machine heads. They suck !
The Bronco is an overall decent bass to start playing with, it is however inferior to many other short scale and affordable instruments.

Personally my first bass was a short scale Squier Jaguar for which I have a major preference, it is much more robust, has a better sound and better everything altogether. I still have it and play with it to this day.

It costs around 50$ more than the Bronco but this little extra is definitely worth it.


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