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Shocking Bass (like forreal im getting electriv shocks lol)

Hey yall!

I have a bit of an issue with one of my basses, an Indy Custom that's probably about 6-7 years old (my first bass). it keeps giving me small, but substantial shocks!!

Even when its not plugged into any kind of amp, and this isn't an issue on my other 2 basses with the same strings. And I'm not talking anything small and buzzy, I'm talking slow twitchy, sometimes rapid and acute nerve pain that goes right up my bicep.

I'm terrible with electronics of any sort, so ideally I want to go see my local guitar tech. But due to the current pandemic….that's not possible lol. Any of you ever dealt with anything like this? Is there anything I can try with my little to no guitar tech experience? Thanks yall!
johnny [staff]
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The guitarist in my band had such problems with his guitar. But this was before coronavirus so he got it fixed by a pro.
If the bass isn't plugged into anything at all, it can only be static discharge (you onto the bass or the bass onto you) or a nerve related problem.

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