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Just try to get a fair price for your bass on kijiji

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I have 3 guitars up for sale on KIJIJI. My MIM Fender Precision that is mint with a zero mod thumb rest and brand new half round strings. Both of which were expensive. And i got a offer of 350. Thats Canadian mind you. I dont think so. And i had a guy offer me the same for a under a year old Fender Mustang mint worth 800 Canadian. And it has new half round strings on it. It dont think so again. And lastly my Fender Jazz. No offers. People wont buy good guitars for what they are worth. They want a Squire for 150 a MIM FOR 350 or less and a Good all American Fender for less than 600. I say blow me i wont sell. I will sell my sister before i except that price. My sister has no strings attached and a straight neck. Thank god. And thinks she can fetch a better offer. Maybe so…
You guys do have KIJIJI right ? Not sure if its worldwide. But i think so. Otherwise you wont know what the hell i am talking about.
Never mind. I just looked it up. KIJIJI is owned by EBAY. And was made available in the States and Canada. Now its just in Canada and Italy. I guess. Its similar to ebay but for local buyers and sellers in there region and throughtout Canada. Anyhow you should get the jist of what i am trying to say about selling good guitars for fair value. Does not work unless you want to take a loss or throw your sister in on the deal. Ciao for now…

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