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for those with a bit of spare time

Posts: 1499
I have a couple of tabs that have been poorly rated. I would appreciate it if some of you with a bit of spare time could check them out, and rate them, and let me know if they need fixing. Cheers.


Posts: 1499
Thanks to the person(s) who have checked out and rated these tabs. The ratings have come up enough that the tabs are unlikely to be deleted should Johnny implement a database clean-up.
Cheers all.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
Don't worry sid, a potential database cleanup would not delete unique tabs. I think the problem is more with songs that have 5 or more versions where a lot of them are really really unhelpful.
Posts: 256
I'm glad the tabs got checked & the ratings have improved.
bass freak
Posts: 320
Here here!

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