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Continuing the Fender jazz build

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Need some more advice guys! I got the wiring in order and the neck set nice,now I'm getting a buzz from right behind the nut,I have a zip tie on it now ,but I'm trying to find out,does this mean the nut needs replaced? I had some buzz on the other strings the was fixable by putting a little piece of paper under the string at the nut,but I'm looking for a permanent fix,I ordered a new brass nut for it,but really don't want to change original parts if I don't HAVE to,saying I do have to install the brass nut what kind of adhesive do I need? Thanks for the help on this guys I really appreciate it
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Sounds like it's the nut. Perhaps previous owner put lighter guage strings on it?
Im not sure the strings have ever been changed, that's something I noticed when I got it,I ALWAYs take the strings off and give my new basses a good cleaning,lemon oil the fret board,adjust the action,intonation,and whatever else needs done,but anyway on this one I noticed the strings looked like they do when you buy a brand new bass, you know got the perfect amount of extra string and perfectly stacked on the tuning pegs,the brass nut I ordered was the wrong nut so I just ordered another genuine fender nut,I think I'll pay the guys at my local guitar shop to change it

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