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Stage Volume Frustrations - Volume I

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I've had it. On some of our live gigs we play with a Bose system, which is great for small venues. On bigger venues or outdoor gigs, I'm usually behind the PA speakers, so wedge monitors are a must. But I never get good isolation out of them. I struggle to lock in with the drums, because I can't hear them (electronic kit).

So I've splurged on some in ear monitors. Never used them before, but I hope this cures my stage volume issues. And lightens my load for set up and breakdown.

I also don't use a rig. I plug my pedals right into the main board.

Anyone use IEMs and have any tips to share? I bought the Westone Pro 20s.
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I play with full backline and live drums but also had a problem with not being able to hear vocals or lead guitar .so the drummer and myself now share a monitor that’s placed between the two of us and not at the front of the stage and it’s done the trick

Next gig up for us is a small festival in a couple of months and somehow we’ve bagged the headlining slot ( the studio we use is doing the sound ) , I think they’re hoping every ones gone home by the time we go on or they’re using us to clear the site
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I've done the monitor sharing with our drummer before as well, but our drummer is practically deaf, so he has it cranked so loud the audience can hear it over the PA sometimes. But I never get what I need out of it. I'm hoping these IEMs do the trick. I get them tonight and will toy around with them before my Friday night's gig.

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