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11 years ago
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hello iv had a bass for about a year now but never took any interest to it but i want to learn how to play it, at the min im trying to learn Boulevard of broken dreams. Is there any other easy songs that I could learn.(i also play drums)

Thank you! Jake
While I disagree with your initial song choice, how easy are we talking?
This easy?
Hey, new to the site and I keep trying to change my avatar but it wont make the change. I cant use Justin Bieber's pick its killing me lol. Thanx Mike
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try some foo fighters ; )
johnny [staff]
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Hey mike, have you tried clicking on the bieber and changing? Where exactly does the problem occur?
thank you guys/ladys

The only reason im doing “boulavard of broken dreams” it because at school we are doing a battle of the bands but thank you any way

Rage Against the Machine has some easy songs to play on bass
hey Zeppelion and Humber can you name songs plz but thank you any way !

johnny [staff]
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By Rage against the machine I would recommend

Killing in the name of
Bullet in the head

From the Foo Fighters I really like Learn to fly
okay thx guys
KissyBoy [staff]
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I'd recommend stuff by Gorillaz, their bass lines are awesome while being mostly pretty simple to play.

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