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Fret buzz

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Johnny - a few questions:How is the saddle height set? Are they low or high? Low saddle height reduces the force of the string pushing them into the body, and could allow them to move.Is the saddle level? If it is lower on one side than the other that could give it room to move.Is the E string saddle the problem? If it is out of alignment that could also cause the extra space for the A saddle to move (of course then you have the issue of the fret buzz on the A string, but it is a possibility)How is the string spacing when the A saddle is next to the E, and how is it when it is next to the D? That should tell you which spot is “wrong”Can the A and E strings be adjusted across the saddles themselves? There are usually multiple grooves on the saddle - moving those strings one groove to the left will move the saddles to the right (looking up the string from bridge to nut, assuming a right handed bass), which might tighten up the saddles, preventing movement, without changing the string spacingCan you put something in the space between the A and D saddles to keep the A saddle in place? What it is may matter, as it could dampen vibrations in the bridge saddles and change your sound a bit.A new bridge might be the ultimate answer, but there's a lot you can try with what you have before you go to that.
Hi Nick. Played the bass again. It sounds good. Just cant stop the saddle slip. Your best advice is to put something between them to stop it from sliding down. I am not sure how to go about that. So I am going to take it into the shop and see if they can give me an idea of what is wrong and the fix. I have wanted to go in for awhile and get some new strings for another guitar and a few other things anyhow. Thanks again for taking the time to write out your ideas. Much appreciated.

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