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Megadeath Symphony Of destruction

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Sooo. i play this song almost entirely on the e string. alot of open e. the obvious 3 1 3. but for the other part i just do 11 33 55. the odd 77 after 55. then back to open e and 3 1 3. all on the e string. yeah i know its different but i like it. and for someone new to bass who wants to get a BIG sound or feel like they played a real song… this would be it.
ps. PRACTICE. i can play this with my thumb or pointer finger and hold the bass in the air with my left hand n hit the notes on the fret board. no strap. its easy if ya try a few times for any newbies out there in the coming weeks im thinking of giving free lessons via skype or facetime. let me know if ya need help.
actually i think i meant 1 3 1 not 3 1 3

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