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Carousel by blink 182

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Anyone else play this for fun ever? its got so many damn tabs, anybody else have their own variation like me? i start off with the open d and g 14 12 11 x2 then open d with g 12 11 10 9, then open d with g 12 11 10 8. then go into the main intro but i play open a open d then the g intro as normal.
ah, 4 string standard E A D G
sorry the open d and g 14 12 11 x2 comes again after the first variation, before the 2nd
and by intro i mean g 11 11 12 14 12 11 then d 12 7 G 6 6 7 9 7 6 from any tab
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I can't understand what way you're saying you're playing but I do love this song. The intro is my go to tune when someone asks me to play something for them. Pretty sure I play the intro the normal way, or the way it's mostly played anyway, but I do change the verses to: open D, open A, second on the A and then tenth on the A (I think; wherever the G is anyway), I think it's easier and sounds better. But whatever way you play it it's probably Blink's best song instrumentally, well for guitar and bass anyway.
what i mean is their are different variations, cheshire cat, buddah, live. sometimes theres a whole different inro besides the starting bass riff. a part that plays for like 20 seconds first thats a different riff then the normal bass line comes in

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