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Look of love by ABC

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I don't have time right now, i got the other ABC request uploaded, and if you can read sheet music you will find look of love. if you can't understand it, reply here and when i get time this evening i will tab it for you.
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Thanks for Poison Arrow, very kind of you.
cam i link a songsterr thing here or no
johnny [staff]
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of course you can

Look of love bass tab, with rhythm. can press play and play along.
and those weird symbols you see with the 1 2 and 3 dots on them are 8th 16th and 32nd rests
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We have Poison Arrow for now to have fun with I'm sure Look of Love can wait for a little while!
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I see it in the stars that The Look Of Love will appear at some point
yes it will. when i get a chance to make it lol. busy guy atm. new job and moving in 3 days.

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