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What can i do with my own music.

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Hi everyone. I have a song that I have been working on for awhile. I think I have got it to the point where I think it sounds really good. Trouble is I don't play in a band. How do I go about getting a guitarist vocals drums etc. To make it into magic. Should I post it on youtube and ask for people to chime in. I don't know. Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks. Johnny…
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Post an ad on Bandmix to find musicians in your area, it's really good, I've used it in the past
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Check social media for local musician groups. We have one in the Washington DC area that always solicits contributors to local original music.

There's a lot to it, but if you have all the legal stuff worked out, you shouldn't have any problems finding contributors. I think the challenge would be getting them into a recording studio/environment that doesn't bleed your bank account dry.
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Newgrounds is a bit dead, but you might find people willing to contribute there, and potentially make it into a video too - check their forums
Hi guys thanks. I don't really want to join a band that kinda thing. I would like to find a guitarist that could wrap his sound around what I am trying to do and go from there. Maybe I should try to post a local ad or youtube. Not sure yet but thanks for the info. Johnny…
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Ah well in that case you could compose the whole thing yourself on Guitar Pro. I'm assuming you've got the bass part sorted, hence why you visited this site

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