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My own requests.

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So i figured out the solo for from your boy by the queers and posted it. any help figuring out the rest would be uh well helpful. its close to the guitar for the solo. i changed maybe 3 or 4 notes n that was it.
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I'm on the road - work. Back to home and bass in a week. I'll try to help then, if you still need it. Cheers.
sweet, thx. what kinda work do ya do? i work for a huge multi national energy company.
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If you could post the solo in this thread so I can see what notes you already have, that would really help. Suggests the key of the song, for example. If there's an HQ version on YouTube that you could post a link for, that would help too. Cheers.

I work for the hugest multi-interplanetary energy company as a mail boy.
Just energy Inc? me too lol

thats the best quality on youtube. i could however email or send you an mp3 file of it? and the solo is pending




repeat solo,first part only once only once
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Thanks. I get back to this as soon as I can, but it will be at least a week.
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Slamingerrrr - I've got From Your Boy in
audacity. I'll try to work on it as time allows. However, as you've noted, tabbing requires time. I'm just back from my time on the road, during which a relative has died. So in three days, I'm gone again for a funeral. So please be patient!
thx sid i started doing the abc tabs, waitin for feedback
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Here's what I get for the bass in From Your Boy:
It's in F Major. The bass is using a distortion pedal. The first riff (intro and verse 1 & 2) is F (at E1), Bb (A1), C (A3), and back to Bb. Repeat enough times to get to the chorus (9 times I think). In the intro and first verse, the bass notes are sparse (sustained root note on first beat of each measure with a quick eighth note leading to the next measure (|1>—–1|3>—&ndash|1>—–1| or perhaps |1>11—1|3>3&mdash|1>11—1|)). For verse 2, it goes into pretty straight 8th notes. The last time through the riff at the end of verse 2, play an extra measure of Bb.
The rest of the song, the bass plays a second riff of F (E1), Bb (A1), F (E1), and C (A3), all eighth notes. This is what the bass plays behind the melodic solo you tabbed out.

That's what I got anyway. Only two riffs, but it sounds great! Cheers.

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