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Rock Bass Corvette

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So i got my hands on one of these babies recently, jet black. its a lower end Warwick but still… notes are clear. its a bit heavy but that is not a huge deal. if you want something to bang out loud heavy notes then this may be a good option. you can find em floating around online for 5 to 600 used. not bad at all for the sound quality. this is my choice for ‘'New’' players. do not waste the 300 on the starter package… the squire starter bass sucks. the amp is a tiny piece o crap… just spend 500 on a mid level bass and use it for everything till ya save up for a high end one. if you look real hard on ebay you may even be able to get it for 350 to 400 now n then. i saw one recently. meaning 500 and ya get an amp n decent bass.

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