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The Ibanez Sr 500 4 string, Made of Mahogany

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10 years ago
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So, a quick review for people from my experience. I got this thing quite recently, brand spankin' new. right out of the box it seemed quite light, easy to handle. i love the neck on this thing. that said it does need a bit of a set up so read along with my adventures The jack for the cord was loose. crackled n popped if i moved while playing… shit right? nah just open the back and tighten it. problem solved in 60 seconds for free. Now when i lower the action i get a fret buzz. must keep the action high…. no hammer on? what gives?!?!? well i got mad for a moment. then realized after some inspection hey. the neck is 100% straight. that in my eyes is the best for shipping. less chance or warping if they make you put a slight bow in your own neck. and yes the dreaded finish rubbing off easy, well to that i say its a red or burgundy colored mahogany. do you really want that there? i planned to strip it and refinish it. make it black and give it some shine. which won't rub off. i paid all in all just around 800. for the bass, case, patch cord. a korg tuner. a handfull of picks and a spare set of strings. also keep in mind the bass comes with elixir strings. i spent 20 mins setting it up and now she is great. through an amp its got the bartolini mk1 pickups… and yes they sound damn good. id give this a 8.5 out of 10 starts personally, yes there are better high end basses. but this one sounds great and the price is reasonable. so if you cant blow over a grand, this is a good choice. i have no real issues so far. and i can hardly tell i am holding anything at all.

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