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What other musical instruments do you play?

i play a little classical guitar but i end up playing it like a bass. its a weird transition
Drums and guitar,
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I play guitar but am better on bass. I agree with another poster that the bass is easy to learn but difficult to master. That said, I tried to learn to play lead guitar and gave it up. It's not necessarily harder to play than bass but it was for me. I seem to “feel” the bass lines more readily than the guitar solos.
I play Bass guitar and am fantastic on the triangle. Agreed Basslady I feel the bass
i play tuba snare drum bass drum pianoand xylaphone
TheDude [staff]
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All right, I can now say that I play the ukulele.

I can't say that I play it well, but I can do a pathetic version of Good Bad Ugly and that's good enough for me.

I have to say, it's an awesome instrument. I cannot recommend it enough.
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I play, ukulele, guitar, bass, tuba, banjo, and bass clarinet
i play drums, and i'm a newbie on bass.

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