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Can Sidsquishus reach 200 tabs before 2013 ends?

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Thanks, Lon.
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Deepest sympathy for your loss Sid. You will get there but remember, its not the arrival but the journey that counts
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Thanks Marko.
Latex Sex
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It's all about perspective & priorities. Tabbing a bass line means nothing compared to the loss of someone so young.
Family & life come first with all of it's ups & downs, other stuff can wait.
Sorry for your loss Sid, my thoughts are with you.
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I'm sorry for your loss Sid. I wish you have the strength to overcome this hard time.
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My condolences to you Sid..
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Like everyone else in here I would like to offer my sincere condolences to you Sid. I hope everything went okay & I hope you are able to move on from this. Take care!
bass freak
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When the dust settles and you feel like tabbing again i look forward to viewing your 300th tab. Until then do what you gotta do and i hope for sunnier times ahead for you.
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Thanks everyone for the kind words. This is a great community, which is why we are all still here. I appreciate the friendship of each and every of my BBT friends.

It's not my story to tell - I'm not the parent, sibling, or boyfriend - but I would like to share that my niece's death was as unexpected, and as sudden, as a train wreck. She had been a dancer (ballet), professional for a bit. She was killed by an illness no one saw coming - little symptoms that no one noticed for a year, and then a very fast, five days when it ravaged her. In that sense, it was brief - not a long period of suffering.

Her funeral/remembrance allowed us all the chance to shed tears and say goodbye that we hadn't had. The family had expected maybe two-three dozen at the funernal - but she had touched many in her short life: there were probably 150 in attendance - from childhood friends and their parents to a large contingent of dancers and musicians. It was a good ending to a sad thing.

Thanks all.
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I'm gonna crack the whip & DEMAND 301 tabs! Sidney get tabbing!

300 check (The Pretenders)
301 check (Lene Lovich)

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