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The Monkees - Goin' Down

Monkee Mania
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What a song! A cool mixture of that Dolenz vocal magic and Tork's brilliant bass.
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Here is a bass cover of the song
This guy has a lot of Monkees bass covers on you tube. I've really enjoyed watching them.
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This guy is very good, I've checked out his other Monkees covers & a variety of others. I'm Impressed.
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Love The Monkees, love this song. More please!
I too love the Monkees! My fave song is “Last Train to Clarksville”. Totally remember when it was a #1 on my transistor radio with the earplugs on and I was rollerskating down my block. Saw them live in Milwaukee in the 80s, and they were terrific. I see Peter still plays in his band called the Blue Suede Shoes! I'm gonna check those vids out asap! Glad I'm not the only boomer here.
Hello Patti, you are never the only boomer when you are a Monkees fan!

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