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requests list.

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any request i have filled… would the user please remove it. and to the ones i have not yet. i am trying. im only about 40% done the request page, some of the tabs require me to sit down for a couple hours and write it as it just doesnt exist. not enough time in a day for it all and the gf is getting mad i am ignoring her and wont put down my bass lol. please be assured i will get as many done as humanly possible. ( and i am a monster of a human) but i just cannot get it all done in 1 day. IF you really need it badly, IE for band practice or something more then just general interest comment here and i will see what i can do for you. i am not always online but i try to hop on every cpl hours. thanks for being patient guys.
johnny [staff]
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actually this is a bit my fault that the fulfilled requests aren't being removed.. I'll write a script that automatically removes a request once it has been filled.

I'll get it working soon, hopefully.
oh sweet. thankyou
the top of the request page. that chas n david song i dunno if im gonna do it lol i checked it out. may be a bit. but i got the bowie one
johnny [staff]
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sorrow is such a cool song! I'm surprised the tabs don't exist already
yeah me too actually, but they do now lol.
bass freak
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Anything by Bowie is cool.

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