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Who makes the requested tabs if none can be found?

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well i mean i know i did a few, but all in all if one doesnt exist anywhere in any way does someone from the site sit down n figure it out?
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Yes, there is a small chance that someone on this site will tab out a song that someone has requested. However, before anyone reading this gets too excited, probably only 1 out of 100 requests gets tabbed. There are just way too many requests and too few willing to tab. And even when a requested song gets tabbed, it can be weeks (or months - Shotgun for example) before the tab appears.

Really, if you want a song tabbed, best advice is to figure it out (and tab it) yourself.

For me, I might consider tabbing a request if I like the song and it does not exceed my very limited ability. But I don't even consider it if I don't like the song.
from your boy by the queers is my biggest tab i want. second is a very pretty song by the ergs. those are the only 2 im stuck on. i had about 12 but i got most of em solo. don't be a hater hehe i uploaded a cpl just for you. and i sat down this evening and tabbed out that jason aldean track that someone requested even tho i hate country lol
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I am traveling for work now, so not able to do much in the way of tabbing. But I will check out your two songs and if I can help you to tab them, I will.

Do you have the Love Songs For The Retarded album?
yes i do. i all albums and ep's actually. cost me a pretty penny. also have the guitar tab and i used it to get a general bass tab. but it sounds off thats why i came for help
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Some tabs are good. Some definitely are not! Sounds like maybe the guitar tab you were working from is not good!
yeah its not the greatest lol. but i want the bass tab so damn bad and also sackcloth and ashes by mr t experience. i uploaded a couple of their other tabs i had. you should learn resistance by the casualties. i upped the tab earlier today.
johnny [staff]
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hey man, of the three guys running this site, only two can play bass and we all have day time jobs that take a lot of our time, so right now it's really cool that we have such cool members as sidsquishus and others that submit new tabs. When work gets a little less hectic i'll help out with the tabbing for sure.
lol you would not believe how long i have been playing bass. and when i said it's not the greatest i was refering to using the guitar tab to try to get the bass for that queers song. n sweet thanks

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