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requested tab info

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if i know of a requested tab that exists on another site.. what do i do?
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I post a link to the tab in a reply. The little formatting box with the chain-sort-of-thing lets you put an active link in a reply.

You could also check to see if the tab is here at Big Bass Tabs, and if not, submit it so that it is. Please include any ‘tabbed by’ type info to acknowledge the work someone did.
johnny [staff]
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Exactly as sid said. If by any change the original author of the tab emails me to take the tab down (happens some time), I do it, otherwise it's ok.
if i use tab i found elsewhere i credit the author. however usually i change a few things that i felt they did incorrect too. so the odd tab is part mine part theirs. but yeah
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1004
this is even better

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