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Good songs to learn?

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11 years ago
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Hey, i've only been playing bass for about 4 months, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to play.

Also if anyone has any tips on how to improve like practise scales or solo's that would be a help too.

Thanks in advance Becky.
First song I learned was helicopter by Bloc Party its a really great bass line and pretty easy if you practice
try rush
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I found a lot of Hendrix stuff is quite interesting and not too difficult for learning

Also if you listen to early Kings Of Leon they have a lot of easy but cool, repetative bass lines.
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ive been playing for about 2 weeks now…some songs i know are False Alarm by the Bronx..Bullet-Misfits, Too Young-The Adicts, Maxwell Murder by Rancid (the bass solo is kinda difficult by i got it)
you can't go wrong with ramones songs none of them are really all that difficult and fun to play my suggestion would be I Dont Wanna Go Down to the Basement by the ramones fun bassline great song

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