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Favorite Memory as a kid of an Awesome Bass Rift you heard

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I remember when I was 7, at that time I was learning how to play the guitar, and I heard this simple but everlasting Bass Rift… Nirvana's In Bloom. I know, I know it's not the coolest bass rift but hearing that song made me rethink my choice of musical instruments… and after I was 8, I stopped playing the guitar… but I didn't start playing the bass guitar until I was 13… and I have been playing it, and loving it from that point on… I am 16 and I love my bass guitar.
Longview by greenday. i was 9. first cd i got with my own money was dookie. and then smash by the offspring. gotta get away
how did you not hear in bloom till 7? lol im 26 and i had dookie at 9. same timeframe for the album nevermind
i didn't really listen to the music i listen to now because my mom was strict with the music i listen to… something about that my head or mind couldn't handle it
lol, you know what the human mind cannot handle? BEING CONTROLLED!!! (points at the government) <— i wish there was some kind of virus that only killed politicians.
I was fifteen, saw Rory Gallagher and his bassist, Gerry McAvoy, have a guitar vs. bass war on stage. Absolutely inspired me to jam harder!

You Know… I Had A Best Friend Named Rory Gallagher… Except He's Not Rory Gallagher…
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Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime. Probably heard others but that really stuck in my head & still makes me smile today!
bass freak
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Mine has to be Death Disco by Public Image Limited. All the bass on the Metal Box album just blew me away!
johnny [staff]
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Money by pink floyd.. it's one of the best bass lines and has been stuck with me since I was little.
hate to be the one to say this… but its riff dude. not rift. and also we don't need you by the casualties is a good bass tab. and the decline by nofx.

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