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haircut 100 love plus one request.

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im too lazy to tab it so.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rouMhpYVcX8

you will need to be familiar with raking btw. the song has been slightly modified. but the dude used a metronome and pro tools n worked it out. i will tab if i really need to lol. but i didnt want to lol.
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Great bassline! Great band!
By the amount of tabs you have submitted so far I don't think you're lazy!!
took #3 in 1 day hehe, i expect #2 within a day or 2. sid imma coming to take number 1 now i just gotta upload 150 more tabs
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Even though I'm more of an alternative fan musically I do love this song & the band. Brilliant bassline.
yeah i agree lol. i had never heard it until it was requested. or maybe i have and can't remember. either way i was liking it.
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Maybe a tab will turn up someday.
hint hint right? lol
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No hint intended.
i think like me the guy was lazy
bass freak
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I see someone has put in a request for this song to be tabbed.

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