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Portable bass amp

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good battery powered amp for small outdoor gigs where I will be playing bass and singing at the same time, so I'll need two inputs on the same amp if possible
Any leads?
Posts: 125
I'm thinking of this even though it's for guitar since few amps support an instrument and vocals
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Are you talking busking kind of volume or up on stage and needing to be heard by a crowd

If it's the former then the amp you've found should work just fine, otherwise you might need to invest in a small PA system

I've had an Artec 20watt bass amp from Thomann for use with a drum machine in the past , good value and could also be run off a battery

We've now got a drummer of the human kind , he's powered by beer !!!

If your in the UK and buying at thomann watch out for the pound to euro exchange rate it's pretty poor at the moment

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