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Behringer pedals

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I've never been an big user of pedals, but recently I'm curious about trying out some minimal effects. I've know about Behringer for awhile, but whenever used any of their stuff ( apart from a standard DI box) I've ordered a Behringer chromatic tuner, but does anyone have any opinions on their other pedals?

Over the years I've had quite a bit of Behringer gear. Never had a problem with any of it,though I will say the manuals carry the barest of info. One pedal I highly recommend is the DBI 21 preamp/DI box,it could save your skin if your amp fails.

Some folks complain it doesn't do distortion but it's not meant to. It's a preamp pedal with a bit of drive.
mr zee
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I've only ever used one pedal and that was a phaser and that was donkeys years ago but my current amp has a built in distortion and an octave unit with a footswitch for choosing what sound you want but apart from that I don't know about much about pedals, but most of the write ups are pretty good.

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