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How long does it take to make a bass tab of the avg sized song?

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Just curious of how long it takes to make a bass tab of a 4-5 minute long song with light, medium, or heavy bass.
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I'd say it totally depends on the complexity of the bassline and the intent of the person doing the tabbing.

The quickest I have tabbed a song has been a couple of hours, the longest several weeks of having to figure out the notes measure by measure. Then there are some songs that are way too difficult and I don't bother even trying to tab. Too hard for me.
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What Sid said!
God Bless you Tabbers! Still amazed in how simplistic than trying to read music; and it makes so much sense. Had this been around when I first started out… Expecting great things from you new Bass Players!

i get off lucky in the sense that i can read sheet music. do not require tabs… some people on here request tracks where i can find sheet music. but no tabs. in that case 30 - 60 mins. to make my own tab…. wow lol that could take a long long long time depending on the song.. doing my own decline by nofx tab took about a month. but its an 18 min bass intense song so..
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I would think it depends on the difficulty of the song & how complex the bassline is.

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