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I dentifying a Bass

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Hi all,

I picked up a used bass this past weekend for next to nothing and was hoping you would be able to help me out. The neck is an authentic precision bass neck from 2008/9 MiM which I have confirmed by searching the serial number. The body, however, is something different altogether.

The guy I bought it from told me that the body is a licensed replacement body from a company in South Korea named - Willows Guitars. I've found their website, which is not very useful unless you speak Korean. I can't seem to find much information on the web about them. I've taken the bass apart to remove all the DNA and do a proper inspection and setup, but I can not locate any markings or serial numbers on the body.

I want to be able to place a value on the bass to justify my spend. Looking at the price of a replacement neck for the 08 model I've covered my spend and have a little profit already.

Should I attempt to contact Willows, or Fender? Without a reference number how would they be able to help me?

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I can't see the point of trying to value it, a used Mex P bass goes for around 300 quid, (4-500$) so if you paid less than that you're in the money. Most aftermarket bodies and necks come without identifying marks and certainly no serial numbers. If the body was licensed by Fender then it will be fairly accurate, if not, to avoid lawsuit, they can be fairly close, or in some cases, miles out! The Koreans make some of the best copies, and looking at yours, with a nice tight neck socket and good edge margin around the scratchplate I'd say it's one of the better ones. Also, Willows won't own the factory, but will just be one of the numerous companies that the factory builds parts for. If it feels good just enjoy it
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Thanks, Marco.

I paid $250cdn or $150quid.

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