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Learning Songs...and Theory at the same time!?!

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Hey guys!
It's been a while since i've posted anything.
I've had a really busy summer at the music school I work at and haven't had much time to Tab.
I got a couple weeks before the fall rush kicks in and I wanted to keep myself busy until then.
I thought it would be cool to take some songs you guys want to learn (or know) and give them some context.
For anyone that's thinking “Who cares!?” this is probably not for you…
But consider this:
If you can understand what a player is doing in a song you can take that idea
and find creative ways to use it…
in your own songs!
If you've ever learned a song and wondered: “How the F**k did they come up with this?”
I'm confident I can explain it!
I don't think this idea is gonna go very far considering that this kind of thing isn't for everyone.
which is cool…
But if you're interested,
Think of a song and post it on this forum!
I'll see what I can do.
here's an example of the kind of thing I would be doing:


Lemme know what you guys think!
Hey Man,

First i want to thank you for that Don't Forget me tab/lesson, stumbled upon it couple of months ago, found it really useful.
Saw this post, decided to register to thank you.

About the songs requests, it would be nice to see some other Chili song as i'm a big fan of them and Flea (was on their show in July, was great).
Learning Castles made of sand by Hendrix right now, just learnt the guitar intro on bass so far. Deconstructed it, saw that there are mostly notes of G major chord. I've got to thinking about how you create an intro like this? Pick a chord and play it's notes all over the neck and pick some strong intervals may be (5th, 4th, 3rd) until you get somewhere or is there any other way?

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hey dude!
thanks for checking out the tab! i'm glad you found it helpful!
I'll make a tab of this as soon as I finish working on this other one i'm working on.
what I want you to think about in the meantime is being able to see a scale on one string…
and being able to do that on all the strings.
that might be the answer to you question!
thanks again!
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Hey Dude!
if you're still interested i posted this the other day!

lemme know what you think!
Hey man. Both posts are super helpful, I'm trying to pick up the technicalities so that I'm not just rote learning tabs. Keep up the good work!
Also do you think you could continue to post to this thread just so it's a little easier to identify the relevant stuff?
Thank you. You are both a gentleman and a scholar!

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