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Acoustic B200H Amp ????????

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Does anyone know anything about this Amp. I may go buy one today so if anyone has any info on it please let me know ASAP
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Hey Chops,

I was looking at this head prior to buying my Ampeg. The sales guys I deal with steered me away from going with the Acoustic brand as he said that in his experience they have a lot of problems. He's been in the business for a couple of decades and says that he sees more Acoustic brand equipment come in for servicing than any other brand.

Just something to consider.
Hi…I had the chance to try one out (B200H) about 6 weeks ago at GC - they didn't have the cabs at that time, so I played through a Ampeg 8X10 using a 2008 American Standard P-Bass….it was literally LOUD!………now, is it right for you? No Clue, but I would say that for the price - you can't really go wrong.I want to wait for the “re-introduction”of the 360/371 type rig in the coming months…..it will be (obviously) much more expensive, but after playing one in the 70s.

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