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Acoustic B200H Amp ????????

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Does anyone know anything about this Amp. I may go buy one today so if anyone has any info on it please let me know ASAP
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Hey Chops,

I was looking at this head prior to buying my Ampeg. The sales guys I deal with steered me away from going with the Acoustic brand as he said that in his experience they have a lot of problems. He's been in the business for a couple of decades and says that he sees more Acoustic brand equipment come in for servicing than any other brand.

Just something to consider.
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Hi…I had the chance to try one out (B200H) about 6 weeks ago at GC - they didn't have the cabs at that time, so I played through a Ampeg 8X10 using a 2008 American Standard P-Bass….it was literally LOUD!………now, is it right for you? No Clue, but I would say that for the price - you can't really go wrong.I want to wait for the “re-introduction”of the 360/371 type rig in the coming months…..it will be (obviously) much more expensive, but after playing one in the 70s.

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