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Bass Backing Tracks

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Hello all, if you need to jam along to backing tracks you can check out this site
Its a new site with about 90 tracks so far, it also has a forum if you want to request songs.

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Excellent, I'm starting to teach my 9 year old grandson, searched for ‘Psycho Killer’, pressed play and, BOSH,,the Talking Heads playing Psycho Killer while Tina Weymouth was in the bathroom! Great site, nice and clear and simple…

…now to find YYZ for me…

…yeah right!
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Thanks Marko
I have YYZ just haven't uploaded it yet, If you want it I will upload it next!

** I have uploaded it **
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Thanks Mick, can you do Limelight aswell, cheers
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Great site. I'm just waiting to receive my activation email.

I would appreciate versions of Echo and The Bunnymen's - Show of strength and With A Hip.
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I signed up and thanks for a great site..
So, this is my first time using a backing track. I picked out Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters. It was the first song I learned to play along with music. I was incredibly happy with the backing track. I had no idea how much of a difference it really made. Thanks for the awesome link!

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