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I am trying to get a special hard case for my bass

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So I made a placement mistake with my wood bass this weekend, and took him somewhere in a soft case. He got a pretty hefty dent, and it cracked the finishing in the crater. Now I am trying to see if there is any way I can fix said dent, but I decided I want to avoid the same situation from ever happening again by using a hard case. I have a hard case, but the problem that arises is I want a hard case that I can strap to my back. Any products you know that I can backpack-ify my hard case, or strapped hard cases?

Semi-rigid Gig bag, the next best thing. I have one of these for my four string.
Those Mono bags look rad. kinda pricey though
Those Mono bags look rad. kinda pricey though

Mine was $230 but you pay for quality.
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You've got way more chance giving it a ding playing and rehearsing once it's out its case so no way would I pay silly money for a gig bag for transportation
Unless your intending on doing beer fueled back flips a 10 mm padded shoulder bag should do

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