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Acoustic Bass Pickup Adjustment

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11 years ago
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I have an acoustic-electric bass guitar and when I play through my amp, my E string sounds almost inaudible through the amp.
I've checked the tuning and it sounds fine without the amp, so the only problem is the pickup isn't placed correctly. Is there any way I can move my pickup so that I can hear my E string?
johnny [staff]
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is the pickup too far away from the string?

if so, there's sometimes little screws on the pickups which control the springs and by screwing or unscrewing you move the pickup towards or away from the string
Well it's an acoustic so there aren't any pickups that are visible, at least. I'm not sure how I'd adjust whatever is picking up the vibrations from the string.
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If you remove the strings and the bridge, you will see the piezo strip. It's right under the bridge. You can experiment with moving it back and forth, and you can shim it with paper. On my Tacoma, I have paper shims under the E and G sides and it evened out the tone a lot.

^ got that off the internet. do a bit of research on the anatomy and whatnot. should get it to work

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