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Hope for Brian Johnson

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Brian has been told that if he doesn't stop touring ASAP, he will be full blown deaf. Let's hope he recovers soon.
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This is something that I have been dealing with for the last few years. Unfortunately there is no reversing hearing loss. It can be embarrassing but most of the time it is just frustrating, hearing aids, even those that cost thousands can never replicate a real ear.

It sucks.
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I have tinnitis from jamming with loud gutarists, its a right pain but you learn to live with it. Brian needs to stop touring, your health is more important than Rock n Roll
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I have hearing probs, my eustachian tubes didn't form properly and my eardrums are mangled because of that.
Loud noises, even some peoples voices make them flutter painfully, had to have operations on them and all that.

look after your ears, wear earplugs.!

I knew a drummer who was turned deaf by his own band.
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I can just imagine Purplez how that would feel

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