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My Bananas and Blow tab got messed up in submission and I don't know why

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link to tab: http://www.bigbasstabs.com/ween_bass_tabs/bananas_and_blow.html

When I submitted the tab, it was perfectly fine, but when it came out after analyzing, it got messed up to the point that it was impossible to read. I tried fixing it, and it helped a little, but the measures are still messed up, resulting in wrong notes for some parts. Can someone please help me and tell my why this happened? This was my first tab by the way.
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I have no idea as to why this would have happened. However, it would have been very funny if you had left out the word “tab” in your subject line.

and for whatever reason I now want to play some Yo La Tengo.
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Font choice and size is probably the reason. Tabs need to be in Courier New set at size 10; there may be other fonts that work but I don't know of any.
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Why I dont do tabs, eating broken glass is more fun
Thanks for the responses everyone!
EDIT: I got it fixed , it turns out the font was wrong, and I needed to change it. Thank you Sidsquishus!

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