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Picked up an acoustic today

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Bought a Washburn AB5K this afternoon on a whim. $280 with a gig bag. I like the preamp and pickup, but man this is a totally different animal. I can't play it like my electrics. Have to be exceptionally clean with it.

But I like it.
I picked up a cheap Northland acoustic/electric not too long ago. It's great for quick practice. You are right about being clean. Buzzzzzz! It is strengthening the hand though. I find the gold acoustic strings rough on the fingers.

But I like it!
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I really like acoustics but the big old reacharound is a bit of a chore, like tree hugging a Sequoia Redwood
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Yeah, the gold strings are rough. Are there options for this, or do acoustics depend on gold fat wounds for their tone and volume?

I imagine that the neck tension relies on the heavy gauge gold strings, no?
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With the lack of electromagnetic pick ups theres no need for ferrous strings, piezo pick ups work by the physical vibration of the string
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I hate those bronze strings; the feel of them and the smell of them.
Tear them off and put on strings you like.
I bought some cheap £6 strings off amazon called coban supersoft on my acoustic
& they were such an improvement on the stock strings.
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Carvin ships their acoustics with LaBella nylon tapewound strings. Might try a set of those. Carvin has the lowest price I have seen on LaBella black nylon tapewounds as well, though I haven't looked for them since Carvin split into guitar company and amp/pro sound company. Bass Strings Online (http://www.bassstringsonline.com/) is a great source for strings. And there's also JustStrings.com
From what I've read, you can use electric strings instead of the bronze acoustic, however, it doesn't resonate as well through the sound hole, thus not as loud. Not sure if it would affect playing plugged in with the pickup.

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