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What is wrong with people???? I really need to know.

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Why the hell are certain people making threads about fake deaths. This is so disrespectful to the musicians, MYSELF, who grew up listening to Willie and the genius Eric Clapton. It's not bad enough I woke up three weeks ago to Bowie's death and that was like losing a family member. It ripped my fucking heart out and I was so busted, I messaged Lon for someone to talk to because he is pretty cool dude. My wife also was there. Real musicians take this shit to heart and it's NOT Funny. I can't believe someone would do that or think it's funny.

I am mark - don't really know you, that was pretty shitty with Willie.
MARKO - What the @$!#? Everyone on here knows you Why the hell would YOU think that's funny to say Clapton is dead (Weather you like him or not)

There are too many musicians dying right now to be cracking despicable jokes. There are plenty of other sites where you can pull that shit off but here on BBT, some people call it fucking home for the music, MYSELF. Therefor, I'm purposing to Johnny that the next person who does this shit with a fake death, gets deleted and booted off with no goodbye.
I don't want this to be a big thread or whatever, just know that what you guys did is not funny and enough is enough.
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Shit! I dare'nt tell you about Elvis now!!
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But seriously though, I realised minutes after posting this thread that I had gone too far and it was me who reported the thread to have it locked or, preferably, removed. I underestimated the deep feeling some people have towards pop stars. To me, Bowie was a fantastic musician who has left a huge back catalogue of brilliant music and his passing was very sad, but I'm not going to beat myself up for the rest of my life over it, and hey…weve still got Bieber
I definitely agree with a lot of this, but as a fan of gallows humor both as humor and as a coping mechanism I don't necessarily think that its a thing that cant be joked about or discussed. There has sort of been a swarm of musicians going to some awesome as @$!# gig somewhere off in the dark matter of the galaxy recently. I definitely don't agree with like “making a joke out of someone's death” or anything but I do think that sometimes in certain spaces its understandable to try and make something a little more lighthearted, especially the way people have been dropping like flies. I saw the thread that perhaps went too far, but I'm just saying not everything instantly means someone is being disrespectful or deliberately mean yknow?
But also like I haven't posted here often so I don't know the dynamics of the group and everything, just trying to point out that not everyone deals with things in the same manner. I usually try to make the worst things into jokes just to laugh, but that's me personally.
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Im fine with gallows humor.But those threads werent even jokes or trying to be funny at all.
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Speaking of gallows humour, my dad deserted us when I was a kid and went to live with some slapper in Liverpool. One day my older brother rang me and said “Dads knocking on deaths door” I said, “Tell him to try the bell”

True fkn story
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I wasn't trying to attack anyone personally with my thread on Willie. Everyone deals with grief differently, and I use humor. While it wasn't received as humor to many (I acknowledge that), my thread wasn't calling for the death of any musician, but more of an absurd observation to the number of RIP threads that had been popping up.

There have been threads and discussions of death pools on here, and actual hope of death coming to some…

I get it. I made a poor choice in communication. The thread was locked and I didn't make a fuss over it. The locking of the thread was pretty clear that the death of some musicians is a touchy subject.

Moving on…
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From now on I'm only talking about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows just in case some ‘fragile’ member throws himself off a bridge
From now on I'm only talking about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows just in case some ‘fragile’ member throws himself off a bridge
I threw myself off the bridge. May I return now?
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sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

That reminds me I must dig out my Dio collection for a listen

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