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Anyone got ideas for simple tabs? Would be appreciated
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U2/ With Or Without You

Talking Heads/ Psycho Killer

The Cure/ A Forest
Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is a simple and rewarding “hey! I can play a song!” song, but I find that doing scales…lots and lots of scales…was and is the best way for me to learn - I'm still very nooby myself.

….also, Sunshine of Your Love, by Cream.
Also, congrats on your decision to become a cable thumper.

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Come Together by the Beatles is an easy one to learn and another song that you can jam with just about anyone.
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L7 - Shitlist

All on the big fat one,E ☺
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Rush/ YYZ
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Pronounced Y Y Zed by the way,Niel Peart mentioned it in an interview
Thankyou guys
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say it aint so by weezer.or anything by weezer

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